Monday, 1 August 2016

What is a Solid Edge User Group

A Solid Edge User Group is simply - A group of Solid Edge users 

• Using Solid Edge in current work or in the past. 

• Also meant for CAD users who want to use Solid Edge in future.

• Gather together and exchange Solid Edge knowledge.

 No cost involved - Simple knowledge trading.

 Not a marketing event from Siemens.

 No promo sessions!

 No product demos.

 No sales or offers to consider.

 Free sharing of Solid Edge Tips and Tricks between users.

 Open to all !

 Peer-to-peer discussion.

 Learn industry techniques from colleagues.

 Show off your knowledge of Solid Edge - Knowledge multiplier.

 Contribute 1 practical technique - Learn 10 techniques in return.

 Enhance knowledge of Solid Edge in few weeks what would otherwise take several years.

 Become a Solid Edge expert within short time.

 Network with other Solid Edge experts for future career prospects.

 Get your Solid Edge problems solved.

 Meet developers of Solid Edge from Siemens PLM and interact with them.

• Free Solid Edge programming lessons, 
• Free Synchronous Technology lessons.
• Free Sheetmetal lessons. 
• Free Animation and Keyshot rendering lessons.
• Free lessons on any topic you ask.

 Win attractive prizes - Solid Edge pen drives, Solid Edge laptop stickers, Solid Edge bags, Solid Edge caps, Solid Edge power bank, Solid Edge pens and markers and lot of other goodies.

Click to register for the Solid Edge User Group meets in Pune and Bengaluru in February 2017:

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